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06 June 2023
Menu Evolution-Summer 2023

New flavors are here! Our talented team at Salt & Fire has curated a delectable summer menu.

Experience the ocean's treasures with our fresh oysters, indulge in the exquisite Gambero Rosso crudo, savor the delicate Scallop, relish the grilled Oyster, and treat yourself to the luscious Tristan Lobster Tail


We will be serving just one brand of oysters called Gillardeau.

Gillardeau is a french brand of oysters known as one of the best in the world. Internationally recognized and called "The Rolls-Royce of oysters" due to their exceptional taste and generous flesh. Many tried to replicate but failed. Due to the fact that there are many fake Gillardeau sold around the world the family business decided to laser engrave every oyster with their distinct logo. They come in different sizes. We will be serving size No3 as they are the best size for a one bite experience.

Freshly shucked to order and served over ice with chardonnay shallot vinegar. Customers will be able to add Espelette gel at an extra cost. Espelette is a chili pepper with Protected Designation of Origin and it is cultivated in Espelette, France in the Pyrenees. It is known for its subtle hotness and round flavor without being too intense.

Gambero Rosso Crudo

Gambero rosso is a prawn that lives at a depth of 700m and it is known for its pure taste and buttery flavor. Not fishy at all and a bit sweet, it is served raw as a tartare with the minimum seasoning of flaky salt, our own olive oil and a bit of Espelette pepper in order to highlight the taste of the prawn. The little dots on the plate are a walnut emulsion to express the nutty flavor of that prawn as well.


Clearwater Scallops served with a sauce made of saffron and some dots of basil oil. They are cooked in a cast iron pan over our woodfire in order to develop that great crust on top.

Grilled Oyster

1 Gillardeau Oyster cooked directly on the charcoal with garlic and herb butter. Great to accompany a steak for a surf and turf experience.

Tristan Lobster Tail

Tristan Lobster tails are one of the most delicious lobsters in the world. They come from the most remote civilized area in the world, Tristan Da Cunha. Their size is medium to small and their flavor is buttery and sweet. Served grilled and smoked over woodfired and seasoned with flaky salt and our own grown olive oil.

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