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30 January 2023
6th Place, 50 Best Restaurants 2022

Twelve renowned judges from Cyprus and Greece, after a thorough research, initially selected 100 restaurants that represent the culinary scene of Cyprus, regardless of their type of cuisine, from taverns to fine dining restaurants, and with constructive discussions they came up with a short list with 70 restaurants. The judges since last summer have anonymously and unannounced tried a number of representative dishes from these restaurants and graded against fixed criteria, creating the ultimate list of Cypriot restaurants for 2022.

The criteria are based on corresponding leading institutions abroad, with which WiZ GUIDE came into contact and acquired know-how, and are based on: Taste result / Professionalism and creativity of the chef / Emphasis on quality raw materials / Value-price ratio / Space aesthetics and service. Additional qualities of the restaurants that were judged were: The emphasis on sustainable, environmentally friendly crops / The support of people with a choice towards vegetarianism / The support of people with intolerances or dietary peculiarities / The emphasis on local ingredients and raw materials / Emphasis on wine and spirits in the Cypriot vineyard / Menu explanation, wine cellar knowledge and pairing effort.

The score of the judges was placed electronically in the WiZ GUIDE system created with a special algorithm for this purpose and based on the parameters that were set the final average was displayed for each restaurant automatically. Through this methodology, the 50 BEST Restaurants were selected among 1667 Restaurant in the island.

Salt & Fire manages to gather enough critics and get the 6th place among many reputable brands with the following recognition:

Chimonidis brothers with an unrivaled steakhouse outside the city, honor the cult of meat with a combination of memories, flavors and experiences based on the simplicity and quality of the ingredients. Famous Black angus and Rib eye fillets imported from the USA and Australia, with excellent cuts and proper grilling, offer a unique culinary experience. Specially the burata and the asparagus which went perfectly with the meat. Nice environment, excellent service, well-chosen wine list and from the Cypriot vineyard. Of the restaurants that always warrant special interest.

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