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19 November 2022

I was always a strong believer that knowledge and wisdom should be shared.

That’s how I am continuously developing mine anyway. Asking questions and getting answers.

This blog will be a tool for me to transfer as much information as possible to you about the raw materials we use, the techniques we develop and my opinion on various matters that most people find fascinating.

All of our team members love to chat with you during service time, about different cuts, marbling scores and significant cow breeders around the world but here is where you will find published material with specifics and hopefully answers to your questions.

I will try to fact check everything before anything goes out there but this amazing world of spices, frying pans, ovens, textures, colors, aromas, flavours is endless.

And with endless options we have endless opinions. Everyone is different. Our culture may be different. Certainly we didn’t have the exact same experiences in life. These shape what we like and what we don’t, what we love and hate, how we enjoy our steak and what we pair it with.

There is no right or wrong in gastronomy but undeniably there are some facts.

These facts along with information regarding the restaurant is what I welcome you to read in this blog page. New articles will be published every now and then with important information regarding visiting cuts at the restaurant and any significant changes to our operation.

Please send us anything that comes across your culinary journey and it troubles you to perfect or to understand. The more questions I get the more answers I will be forced to find. Evolving my culinary journey as well.


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